Task & Document Management Application


SHEMa® is the ultimate compliance calendar, task manager and document library. Access all compliance actions, statuses and associated requirements in one spot. Use the compliance calendar to track important dates and deadlines related to permits, reporting obligations and deadlines. The document library can be used to publish procedures and policies to ensure your employees have access to the information they need when they need it.

What you need & when you need it

Accomplish more with minimized efforts

   Create, assign and track tasks

   Standardize compliance records

   Upload and share files along with schedule

   Connect with remote team members


OSHE documents and time bound activities are indispensable to compliance.

Regardless of the size of an organization - safety, health and environmental workflow must be synchronized for a team to work more cohesively. Centralized task and document management eliminates duplicate work and second-guessing.

SHEMa provides a common work space to scheduling, communication and share regulatory information.

  • Compliance Calendar
  • Routine and One-off Task Scheduler
  • Task Completion Tracker
  • Document Bank
  • 24/7 accessibility of documents
  • Easy and Super Document search Engine

It’s time to get organized