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Construction work naturally involves physical job hazards such as working at heights on scaffolding, the use of powerful construction tools, and equipment, so pre-job hazard assessments, daily safety meetings, and observation behaviors are essential.

Our applications can assist you with monitoring these risks with ease so that you can comply with OSHA standards and focus on meeting your construction timelines.

Regulatory Compliance Employee Engagement

Flexibility to perform comprehensive operation audits. Over 40 OSHA, EPA , and DOTE regulatory programs and over 300 queries with links to regulatory citations that are updated routinely.

Leadership Engagement Employee Engagement

Management leaders are provided an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to Safety, Health & Environment. Company leaders will have a direct “Line of Sight” of their SHE compliance and operation.

Cost Effective & Proactive Approach Employee Engagement

Comprehensive Compliance module allows you to conduct complete SHE Program audits to identify any compliance gaps. Field Compliance module identifies routine operational deficiencies to prevent accidents. Paperless reports with cloud base storage.

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