Hazard Communication

Safety Data Sheets, GHS Compliance & Labeling

HAZCOM is the second most cited violation by OSHA. In recent years, OSHA has made changes to the HAZCOM Program to meet international standards.

This factsheet will provide you an overview of hazardous communication regulations and employer's responsibilities to comply with OSHA.


Lockout / Tagout

De-energization, Lockout & Verification

Lockout / Tagout is the fourth most cited violation by OSHA. Providing lockout locks is not sufficient to comply with OSHA lockout / tagout requirements

This factsheet explains employer and employee responsibilities for lockout / tagout along with requirements for equipment procedures, training & audits.


Injury Reporting

OSHA 300, 300A & Recordkeeping

Under OSHA’s recordkeeping regulation, employers are required to prepare and maintain records of workplace injuries and illnesses for all locations. There are many nuances that must be clearly understood in order to meet the recordkeeping requirements.

This factsheet will walk you through the employer responsibilities of workplace injury & illness reporting, including severe injury reporting requirements.


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