Compliance assurance through effective audits & inspections

SHEA® is a complete audit & assessment application with multiple capabilities, from conducting operational inspections to performing comprehensive compliance audits. This purpose-built solution provides you with preloaded audit & inspection tools, extensive reporting capability and data analytics to monitor and track your performance.

Compliance with assurance

A complete picture of outliers

   Design to focus on non-routine issues

   Customizable inspection modules

   Critical issue notifications

   Seamless integration to task reminders


Operational audits and inspections are tools to discover unexpected risks.

Audits are about the big picture which focus on OSHE systems that support day-to-day operations. Inspections are about the little picture which focus on daily operating conditions and employee behaviors.

A combination of both will fine-tune the overall OSHE compliance and strength of an organization.

  • Workplace Safety and Environmental Inspections
  • Comprehensive OSHA and EPA Compliance Audits
  • Equipment and Asset Audits
  • Over 70 Pre-loaded Templates
  • Customizable Audit and Inspection Templates
  • Direct e-mail Notifications for Corrective Actions

Let’s be compliant