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Formulate OSHE Management


The chemical industry is full of known and unknown safety & environmental risks which can lead to serious accidents if risk assessments and inspections are not conducted on a regular basis. Managing multiple OSHE programs like HAZCOM, permit required confined space, and hazardous waste could be burdensome.

We have eliminated the silo approach. OSHEPRO has integrated safety & environmental program elements to create a complete management system.

Environmental Governance

ChERS® provides OSHA HAZCOM and EPA Community Right to Know compliance assistance.

The unique streamlined process of ChERS® maintains chemical inventory, container labeling and CRTK management, air emission reporting, waste management, and many other features from a single platform.

Employee Well-Being

The availability of OSHA compliant GHS labels, HMIS labels, and SDSs on the cloud system reduces the burden on employers to maintain physical copies of SDSs and labels. GHS Labels are simple and OSHA compliant.

Unique & customized placard to communicate chemical hazards, PPE requirement , and spill response.

Cost Efficient

Reduces requirement for maintaining paper copies as SDSs and all GHS can be simply printed on standard Avery® labels on the office printer – no need to purchase a special label maker or expensive ribbons.

Tier II reporting, air emission requirements & waste reporting at your fingertips.

Get End to End Compliance