Daily 10-Point Safety Checklist

Majority of workplace accidents occur due to poor housekeeping and lack of attention to unsafe conditions.

You want employees to have a fresh look of their surrounding environment and workstation prior to starting work.

A short and routine inspection will put employees in the correct frame of mind to start the day off right!


Overhead Crane & Hoist Pre-use Checklist

Consequences of operating a defective crane or hoist could be enormous. OSHA has extensive requirements for crane & hoist inspections. Sometimes these requirements can be confusing.

Our simplified pre-use checklist will eliminate complex OSHA requirements for crane & hoist inspections.


Forklift Pre-use Checklist

Forklifts are used in many different industries and are a value asset for companies. However, your greatest asset can also be your greatest risk.

OSHA estimates each year more than 30,000 serious accidents involve forklifts. Daily forklift inspections help prevent potential safety issues that could be caused by malfunctioning or damaged equipment.

Download our one-page forklift pre-use checklist and make sure your equipment is safe for use.


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