Daily 10-Point Safety Checklist

Majority of workplace accidents occur due to poor housekeeping and lack of attention to unsafe conditions.

You want employees to have a fresh look of their surrounding environment and workstation prior to starting work.

A short and routine inspection will put employees in the rhythm to start the day right!


Overhead Crane & Hoist Pre-use Checklist

Risk of operating a defective crane could be enormous. OSHA has extensive requirements for crane and hoist inspections. Sometimes these requirements can be confusing.

Our simplified pre-use checklist will eliminate complex OSHA requirements for crane and hoist inspections.


Forklift Pre-use Checklist

Forklifts & pedestrians share workspace in the industrial environment. OSHA estimates each year more than 30,000 serious accidents involve forklifts. You want to ensure each forklift is in good operating condition.

Our short & quick forklift pre-use checklist covers OSHA required inspection points.

Download or use our app prior to ensure that forklifts are in good working condition.


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