Overwhelmed with Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Compliance?

We can help.

Streamline & simplify Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental challenges with easy to use applications.

Our goal is SIMPLE.

Our applications engage employees in developing OSHE Programs to comply with OSHA & EPA regulations. OSHEPRO’s cloud-based applications enable you to architect a roadmap to OSHE Programs that will eventually improve productivity and OSHE performance at a lower operating cost.

We believe in  Compliance

Our Simplified Process


Employees are valuable partners.

Provide opportunities to employees to IDENTIFY occupational risks.

OSHEPRO applications leverage employees firsthand knowledge of potential risks in order to create occupational hazard assessments.

Employees are experts in their job – let’s engage them.



Compliance with confidence.

BUILD a risk management system that mitigates identified risks.

OSHEPRO integrates multiple elements, such as operating procedures, compliance manager, employee training, accident management and audits, in to one easy to access platform.

Compliance is the core of the business – let’s do
it right.


Measure performance for success.

When progress is MONITORED, participation increases.

OSHEPRO’s comprehensive dashboard provides a direct line of sight to management on leading & lagging indicators. These indicators highlight success and future opportunities.

Success is the results of efforts – let’s focus on leading indicators.


A single OSHE platform that improves efficiency & saves you time.

OSHEPRO applications integrate multiple OSHA & EPA compliance & best management practices on one platform.
Our applications work better because they eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors, and make your OSHE Programs uniform.